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Antisample offers high-end virtual instruments and sound effects for professional media composers and music producers for online purchase and download.

Kalipso Atmospheric Drones


Kalipso Atmospheric Drones is a collection of 47 crafted ambient sounds using various recorded sources such as trains, planes, water, various metallic objects and designed sounds.

Kickers – free kick drums sounds

Kickers is a collection of 30 kick drum sounds designed from various analog synthesizers. Ideal for any production.

Cinematic Grand

We chromatically sampled each of the 88 notes of an expertly tuned Yamaha C2 concert grand piano at 5 velocity layers per note each with key release samples and additional sustain pedal noises for a smoothly cinematic and realistic sound while keeping the instrument CPU and RAM streamlined for real-time playability and use in large projects. More information & pricing.

Cinematic Grand demos

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