Black Friday Grand

Cinematic Grand is a better quality piano library than many of its competitors in a similar price bracket and a useful addition to most studios. ~

Get our flagship Yamaha Grand at half the price. Use the code GIMMEGRAND at the checkout and save $24

Only $25

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Black Friday Plunger

The Plunger is a set of 151 recordings (24 bit/96 KHz) using the plunger and a bucket filled with water in two locations (Room and Vine cellar reverb).

Ideal for making watery/sea monster sounds. Twenty sea monster sounds are already included with the pack but you can definitely make more yourself.

In addition you also get the dry version of he samples (we removed the reverb), body hits with the plunger and blowing bubbles with the straw.

Only $27.45 incl. vat

Black Friday Drones

Kalipso Atmospheric Drones is a collection of 47 crafted ambient sounds using various recorded sources such as trains, planes, water, various metallic objects and designed sounds.

Only $9.15 incl. vat