Cinematic Grand

How to use Cinematic Grand in Kontakt 4?

If you purchased the Cinematic Grand before August 16, 2013 you'll need to send us an Email to with your transaction number and we'll hook you up with the Kontakt 4 patches. If you purchased the instrument after August 16, 2013 your download will already contain the Kontakt 4 patches. Simply extract them into the instruments root folder and you're good to go!

How do I revert to the default EQ settings?

The latest update (v. 1.1) comes with a fully featured EQ preset menu which allows you to quickly and easily revert to the default settings, bypass the EQ entirely, choose from factory presets and even store your own. You can now also reset the individual EQ sliders to 0 db by ctrl-clicking (cmd-clicking on MAC) on them.

Is the Cinematic Grand suitable for fast, staccato playing?

The latest update includes a staccato option which tightens the release of the unsustained samples for super fast, percussive playing. You can find the staccato button next to the Position Control at the bottom of the Interface. Only unsustained notes are being affected by this control and all half or fully pedalled notes will ring out as usual.


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