Computer and robotic voices

As a part of the demo for Dehumaniser 2, we have created a small sample pack which you can download for free. In this pack there are 9 audio files with various computer, robotic, alien and experimental voices. Each audio file has 22 words.

The following are: Access, Denied, Granted, Approved, Password, Wrong password, Correct, Saving, Loading, Save, Load, Confirm, System, Ready, Proceed, Stop, Go, Energy low, Recharging, Ammo full, Low ammunition and Altitude.

Please, if you see the price $0.90 just ignore it and refresh the page. The price should say 0+ which means pay what you want but you can download it for free!

Download for free

9 audio files with various computer, robotic, alien and experimental voices. Each audio file has 22 words.
All of the voices have been created and processed at a 24 bit and 96 KHz and include metadata.

9 audio files
22 words
24 Bit 96 KHz BWF

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Samples: 150 files File size: 234 MB (zipped) Sample rate: 24 Bit 96 KHz