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Great set of SFX A huge array of sounds to choose from, can be combined in many ways. Provides a lot of options for even individual use.

Very good Sound quality is great and it has a lot of different sounds.

The Best Sci-Fi sound collection for sure! Thank you very much!

How is this free?! Holy crap! Actually over 300 sounds. High quality stuff. Great work!

Excellent asset!!! High End quality sounds for every SciFi game are here! I can’t believe it’s free!

Sweet 😀 😀

Really Amazing Stuff Great asset. Its free what else we could ask ? Thnaks a lot.

Just awesome One of the best things u can get free on asset store. 11 of 10 points. Nice work!

Incredible Sound Effects I’ve been recording my own sound effects: banging metal bowls, pots, and pans. Splashing water and running vacuums. And it wasn’t cutting it. Then I find this huge kit. It’s really professional. Not that I’ll give up on creating my own sound effects but this bundle of sounds gives you a great […]

Wow thanks a lot! As an aspiring sound designer i’m going to learn a lot from this. been learning about real gun sounds for some time and have been hoping to find a great resource for more Sci-Fi guns. You’re the best 🙂