Behind the sound of The Plunger

When we lunched The Plunger SFX library we did a small contest at to see if anyone would guess the source of the monster sound. The answer of course was the Plunger and the one who guessed it was Linas Mak. If you are interested on how we made the SFX library please visit this link and read the story.

Here is a short excerpt.

Hi Zdravko, how did you discover that the plunger was effective for creature sounds?

I don’t think I have discovered something new when I used the plunger to create the monster sounds.
tentacleThe reason I recorded the plunger was that I needed some type of expressive sound for a game called Courier of the Crypt’s “tentacle” monster that could be controlled yet somewhat random. I tried voice acting but I am not really good at that and other libraries didn’t have watery type monsters. I really didn’t think the plunger would solve my problem but I tried it anyway. Turns out that stretching and pitch shifting the samples would create a monster sound which sounded good right of the bat

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About The Plunger

The humble plunger has turned out to be an excellent source of watery monster sounds!

And with The Plunger SFX library, you get 300+ sounds (24 bit/96 KHz) to work with, created using the plunger and a bucket filled with water in two locations (Room and Vine cellar reverb). 20 sea monster sounds as well as some stretched examples are already included with the pack, and you can easily make more yourself.

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