We have released Shakes and rattles sound effects library

We are very proud to announce the release of the fourth Antisample sound effects library. It is called Shakes and rattles and it will help you build more believable earthquake sounds. This library is oriented toward indoor objects such as laundry clips in a bowl, card box, plastic and wooden chair, metal clips, closet and shower cabin doors, locks, drawers, runner slides, bottles, grape press handle, handles, keys (metal and with plastic accessories), nails, screws, toolbox, table, stand, Tupperware and other various objects combined.

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In »Shakes and rattles« you will find various objects being shaken in multiple ways. Pack includes 751 sounds in 37 audio files embedded with detailed metadata and recorded at 96 KHz and 24 Bit.

Like with Antisample’s other products, Shakes and rattles come with a set of bonus files which include 46 additional designed abstract sounds. These were designed to be more sci-fi, transformer like sounds.

Check out Shakes and rattles page.

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