Shakes and Rattles and The Plunger sale

Our libraries Shakes and Rattles and The Plunger are on sale until October 1st. The sale is available on A Sound

The Plunger (40% OFF)

The humble plunger has turned out to be an excellent source of watery monster sounds!

And with The Plunger SFX library, you get 300+ sounds (24 bit/96 KHz) to work with, created using the plunger and a bucket filled with water in two locations (Room and Vine cellar reverb).
20 sea monster sounds as well as some stretched examples are already included with the pack, and you can easily make more yourself.

Shakes and Rattles (30% OFF)

In Shakes and Rattles you will find various objects being shaken in multiple ways. Shakes and Rattles includes 751 sounds in 37 audio files embedded with detailed metadata, and each audio file starts with short shakes and progresses toward medium and longer shakes.

Both libraries also come with the free Whooshers pack. More about Whooshers here.

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